Mini Detailing Package

Has it been a while since your car was last cleaned? Did your family camping trip leave your car looking like the dirt track​ adventure​? If yes, then the Mini Detail service is for you. It’s ​express but ​extreme. We leave no surface uncleaned.​ ​​A Mini Car Detail gets rid of the build up of grime that batters your car on a daily basis. This package is specially focused on thorough cleanliness of your vehicle and not to forget we do add a shine coat as well. Drive away in style with refreshing clean interiors and sparkling clean exterior.

Super Detailing Package

A professional super detailing will protect the finish by removing surface contamination that washing alone won’t touch. It will also include polishing paint damage and restoring faded trim. Super Detailing is way beyond simple car washing and polish. It ensures high gloss with a smooth finish and long lasting shine with paint protection. The interior cabin space looks clean, hygienic and refreshing once again. This is a must for the car owners who like to maintain the showroom look and finish as they take pride in their drive.

Complete Interior Upholstery Detail Cleaning​ + Exterior

Mini Detailing 2200/- onwards
  • High pressure Body wash
  • Wheels, tyres, arches cleaned
  • Removal of tar marks
  • One Step Orbital machine Polish
  • Windows cleaned in & out
  • Tyre dressing
Super Detailing 3500/- onwards
  • High Pressure Wash
  • Exterior surface refinement
  • Removal of tar marks, cement spots, paint spots
  • Orbital Machine Polish to Remove hair line Scratches etc
  • Application of Polymer Coat for added Protection
  • Application of Meguiars Premium wax as top coat
  • Clean / Shine Tyres Alloy Wheels
  • Streak free Glass Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of Fuel Cap Lid Section
  • Engine bay side compartment cleaning
  • Clean and Polish of Outer Vents & Grills

Often, people think that Car “Wash” and Car “Detailing” are similar terms — But that’s not the case. Car Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and recondition of the Interior and Exterior of your vehicle. It is a step-by-step process to restore your vehicle’s beauty as far as possible and protect your investment. Car detailing not only does make a car look great, but it does a lot more than that. It makes your car last longer as well. While this benefits you now, it will also benefit you in future when you want to sell your vehicle. Prospective buyers will always choose a car that has been well-maintained, both inside and out.

Products Used: 3M, Wurth, Meguair etc

We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Internet Bank Transfer, Cheque

Our Requirements

Because we are a mobile service, we will require access to nominal amount of approximately 2 to 3 buckets of water and normal 6 amp electrical plug point to operate our car detailing equipment. Buckets, Long extension cables and wires will be carried by our team.